How to Rip Blu-ray to ISO

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Why we need a Blu-ray to ISO ripping software? The answer is simple, as the it is the easiest way share Blu-ray movies keeping the original feature via a server network or any high bandwidth environment. Blu-ray movie disc are released with content protections technology in case of illegal copy, etc. To rip Blu-ray to ISO is not a easy thing and you need some professional tool to help you.

Things you should note:

1. The tool should have the ability to remove all Blu-ray protections like AACS, BD+, etc.

2. The ripped image file should keep the same quality with the original(unless you need shrink)

3. A good Blu-ray drive(12X or above) will make your ripping work effectively(also depend on your computer configuration)

If you are not sure above the things, just to test tools you got by yourself. As for the Blu-ray drive, if you don’t have one now just choose one from best review one, etc.)

Here is just want to one Blu-ray to ISO ripping tool and show a simple guide.

You can download this Blu-ray to ISO Maker here, and install it on your computer.

Step 1. Make sure you have a Blu-ray drive connected with your computer, inert the Blu-ray disc into the driver

Step 2. Run the tool as follow, click Source button to load the Blu-ray disc you want to deal with.

Step 3. There three modes for you to rip Blu-ray to ISO.

1. Clone Mode. This is recommended for 3D Blu-ray disc as the way will copy anything on the original disc into the destination(only ISO or blank disc for output).Clone Mode

2. Full Disc Mode. This mode will throw away some information according to your requirements like down-mixing the HD audio into AC3 but keep the multiple audio/subtitle tracks. Blu-ray compression is available in this way.

3. Main Movie Mode. In this mode you are allowed to define the output audio and subtitle and throw more information unnecessary for you which will get even smaller ripped movie than the Full disc mode.

By the way, if you do not own a good standalone ISO player, here is a free Blu-ray ISO Player recommended for you.