Free Blu-ray Software Reviews

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Someone may be looking for the best free Blu-ray software. As far as I know, there is no very good ones. Because there are more or less flaw of the functions of stability for a free version software, especially Blu-ray(Due to its license, etc.). The free tools only allow you to accomplish some specific purpose or only available for a limited-time. Always, you have to pay to get the full functional version of a Blu-ray software. Below I will list some free Blu-ray software just for reference.

1. MakeMKV

This tool is a well-known one and can easily rip Blu-ray or DVD disc and convert them into a MKV format with multiple audio track and subtitles. With the help of a Blu-ray drive, MakeMKV can read Blu-ray disc directly and list all content in a tree structure. Often, the longest ones are the main movie, you can click on it and define the audio track and subtile by yourself for output. The tool is available on both Mac and Windows, the only output option is the MKV format, which is the best choice to keep as much as the quality of the original as video format.
Pos: Compatible with commercial Blu-ray disc movie
Cos: Blu-ray feature only available for 30 days.

2. Free Mac Blu-ray Player

I got this free Mac Blu-ray Player software from, It is a free tool and can read and playback the main movie of a Blu-ray disc. Only a simple navigation panel is available, which lets you navigate the different chapter/title, and switch between different languages. The interface is simple and easy to handle. The tool is only for Mac OS X. As there is no Blu-ray optical drive with Mac computer, you have to get an external one to make Blu-ray disc readable with the player on your Mac.
Pos: Playback most of the commercial Blu-rays
Cos: No Blu-ray menu or 3D supporting

3. Free Blu-ray Copy for Windows

I got the Windows free Blu-ray copy from the above URL. It is a easy to handle tool. You are allowed to copy the full disc or the main movie of your Blu-ray disc with the free version(Make sure a Blu-ray drive is available on your PC).
Pos: Commercial Blu-ray disc supported
Cos: The compression, speed up, customized output features is only available for paid version

4. Free Blu-ray Copy for Mac

The one is from First you should make sure you have a Blu-ray drive connected with your Mac computer. Then you can use the tool to rip Blu-ray disc into ISO saved on your local hard drive(then mounted and enjoy with your VLC player, etc.) or burn the Blu-ray ISO into a blank disc as you like.
Pos: Support commercial Blu-ray
Cos: Only full disc copy mode and really time costing.